From road.cc :

“Wanton and furious cycling is the closest offence to dangerous driving that a cyclist can be charged with. It may sound slightly comical, but it’s usually used only in cases of serious injury or death caused by a cyclist’s actions…”

Welcome. This is Furious Riding. A website about the turn of the pedal, the smell of embrocation and the minds of the men and women who chase the wind. Join us, as we explore the road, worship the bike and ride in pursuit of the good life.

Damien DeBarra


Irishman, lives in London with his bikes, cameras and a large collection of socks. Likes squirrels.

Follow Damien on The Twitter.

Dave Walsh


Half-Irishman, half-bicycle. Writer, photographer, professional rabble-rouser and global flaneur. Lives in the hills behind Barcelona and almost in sight of the Pyrenees.

Stalk Dave on The Twitter.

Felim Gibbons


Noble son of Eireann, bomb-disposal expert, archivist, lover of nurses, whiskey and steel-framed velocipedes. May live in Ireland. We’re not quite sure.

Felim doesn’t do social meedja. Cos’ he’s cool like that.



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