Surviving the The Traka 100

It’s twenty-five minutes past six on the 1st Sunday of May. There’s no one but dog walkers and I on a foggy greenway that runs towards the Catalan city of Girona. Last night I slept early and I slept often – at one stage I was staring at the clock as it rolled over to […]

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Minimum Maximum

  Minimum-maximum Beats per minute Minimum-maximum Beats per minute __________ Photography by Damien DeBarra  ©  2017. Image of Calvin Cheung, riding for Hub Velo. Taken at the London Velodrome, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Lee Valley. Lyrics from Elektro Kardiogramm by Kraftwerk

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Up On The Hill

  Now look up, look up higher and see It’s not as hard as you figured it would be Now two tons, two tons lighter Agreed, now, if it’s all right with you, then it’s all right with me And up on the hill is where you find us And up on the hill that […]

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Cover Me


You know we’re sinking
We could fade away
I’m not going down
Not today
The air is so cold here
Too cold to see
We have to take cover
Cover me
Way up here with the Northern lights
Beyond these broken bars
I pictured us in another life
Where we’re all super stars


Photography by Damien DeBarra  ©  2017

Lyrics from Cover Me by Depeche Mode

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