London to Paris: Year 3

Hello again. So, yes, we’re cycling from London to Paris. Again. This will be my third year taking part in the Bloodwise London to Paris bike ride. It starts September 14th from Eltham Palace in London, arriving at Dover that evening. One ferry trip later, the group arrives at Calais in France. Day two sees […]

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#MEDITATEFOR30: DAY 3 – Follow Your Breath OR How to Use Kraftwerk On Your Bike Ride

Day 3: 15 mins of meditation using the Calm app.* Stop me if you’ve heard these before: ‘Follow your breath.’ ‘Say to yourself “I am breathing in. I am breathing out”.’ ‘Focus your awareness on your breath.’ ‘Your breath is your anchor; a safe harbour you can return to during the day.’ Personally, some of […]

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Last Exit to Monserrat

You know the story. You haven’t been on your bike in weeks, due to the pressures of work, family, life. Your fancy bike is still encrusted with the winter road grime of the last country you lived in. It’s a sunny day, not too hot. You have a few hours on your hands, a luxury. […]

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London to Paris 2016

Two weeks from today, Furious Riding will be starting the journey from London to Paris in support of Bloodwise, a UK-based charity which raises money for blood cancer research. I will be riding from London to Paris for the second time, after completing the ride in 2015. It was one of the greatest experiences of […]

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March of the Pigs

The sun is setting. I’m belting along a dirt track through the Collserola forest, at the back of Barcelona, on a quick 30 minute ride before dinner. I go left at a fork in the road, never been down this way before. The trail corkscrews down into a valley and across a stream which leads into […]

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Transcontinental: The Madness of a Long Distance Bicycle Race

Nearly two weeks have passed since 3,500km, three-week cycling circus of the Tour de France has passed. While it perhaps unfairly overshadows other grand tours (Italy, Spain) it never fails to capture the imagination. I watched the final kilometres of penultimate stage through my fingers, convinced that Ion Izagirre Insausti was going to aquaplane off the road as […]

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