#MeditateFor30: Day 2 – Getting your OMMMM On

So, can meditation make you a better cyclist? Can it improve your performance? Can it make you enjoy cycling more? To try to get some answers, I’ve determined to try to meditate every day, for 30 days and see if this has any effect on how I ride my bike.

But where to start? Let’s say you have the desire to start meditating. What do you do? Sit on the floor? Start making OMMMM sounds? Burn some incense? Close your eyes and just sit there?

To get yourself started, we suggest that you start with a teacher. Luckily for you, two excellent teachers are available to you at a very reasonable price, in the form of two of the most popular meditation Apps: Calm and Headspace.

Both Apps have a free trial period to help you get started and then move to a subscription model. We suggest that you try both and see which you prefer, but do consider investing in a subscription with one of them. Committing to the spend is a good way of committing to the action – get some skin in the game and hold yourself accountable.

I started with the ‘7 Days of Calm’ sequence in the Calm App, but Headspace offers a similar introductory sequence.

Regardless of which App you choose, here are 5 simple suggestions to get you started:

  1. Be consistent: try to pick a consistent time of the day when you can carve out 10 minutes for yourself to do this.
  2. Don’t get mad: yes, your mind will wander and yes, you’ll notice it doing that. That’s the point: that you notice your mind wandering. Don’t get mad at yourself – your ‘monkey mind’ is just doing what it’s supposed to do, seeking threats and rewards. Your job is to treat it the same way you might treat a puppy; with discipline, routine and patience.
  3. Keep at it: that means that you try to do this daily, Use the built-in reminders and notifications the Apps provide to nudge you each day.
  4. Make time: stop telling yourself you don’t have time. You do! Yes, you do have time. You can find 10 minutes.
  5. Keep it simple: If you think you can only do 15 minutes, do 10. If you think you can only do 10 minutes, do 5. ‘Give yourself a win’, to borrow another Ferrissism.

Have fun and shop around: these aren’t the only Apps available to you, so please let us know of any others you would recommend or others ways to get started.


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