Dealing With Angry Drivers

Do you cycle to work? Do you bike the kids to school? Do you sometimes go for a morning ride before you start the day proper? Well, be careful out there; it’s dangerous. Especially so, it appears, if you live in the UK. A combination of downtrodden infrastructure, general lawlessness and impatient drivers can can create a […]

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My Cycling Gear and Other Addictions

For some folks, it’s cars. For others, it’s rare vinyl. For some further still it’s camera equipment, or vintage lithographs, or old National Geographic magazine, or guns, or rare books, or stuffed squirrels. For my Dad, it was stereo equipment. Each time I’d come home to Dublin, there’d be a new addition to the system; some insanely […]

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Getting The Nod

I see them, looking at me. Scowling in bewilderment from behind the wheels of their cars. ‘What the hell is that clown doing?’ he says to his missus. ‘The state of him, and it’s pissing rain…’ And I know what he means. I’ve thought it myself if I’m honest. What the hell am I doing […]

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Sent on Ahead

posted by Damien DeBarra “Now is the time for you to reflect, not only that all things are mortal, but also that their mortality is subject to no fixed law. Whatever can happen at any time can happen today. Let us therefore reflect, my beloved Lucilius, that we shall soon come to the goal which this friend, […]

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The Chimp Paradox

posted by Damien DeBarra ‘No Matter how stressful the scenario, you can always hear the voice of GB cycling’s psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters in your head. Can you change anything? Yes? Then change it. No? Then deal with it.’ – Geraint Thomas The Chimp Paradox by Dr. Steve Peters

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