Surviving the The Traka 100

It’s twenty-five minutes past six on the 1st Sunday of May. There’s no one but dog walkers and I on a foggy greenway that runs towards the Catalan city of Girona. Last night I slept early and I slept often – at one stage I was staring at the clock as it rolled over to […]

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Last Exit to Monserrat

You know the story. You haven’t been on your bike in weeks, due to the pressures of work, family, life. Your fancy bike is still encrusted with the winter road grime of the last country you lived in. It’s a sunny day, not too hot. You have a few hours on your hands, a luxury. […]

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Brief Encounter

  Nūlla umquam dē morte hominis cūnctātio longa est JUVENAL vi.221 When a human life is at stake, no delay is ever excessive   1 Waindale Close Mount Talbot Halifax Yorkshire   “Dear friends, There as promised are the shots I took on the Clifden Cycling Club’s Sunday run. I enjoyed your company very much […]

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