London to Paris 2016

Two weeks from today, Furious Riding will be starting the journey from London to Paris in support of Bloodwise, a UK-based charity which raises money for blood cancer research. I will be riding from London to Paris for the second time, after completing the ride in 2015. It was one of the greatest experiences of […]

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March of the Pigs

The sun is setting. I’m belting along a dirt track through the Collserola forest, at the back of Barcelona, on a quick 30 minute ride before dinner. I go left at a fork in the road, never been down this way before. The trail corkscrews down into a valley and across a stream which leads into […]

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Transcontinental: The Madness of a Long Distance Bicycle Race

Nearly two weeks have passed since 3,500km, three-week cycling circus of the Tour de France has passed. While it perhaps unfairly overshadows other grand tours (Italy, Spain) it never fails to capture the imagination. I watched the final kilometres of penultimate stage through my fingers, convinced that Ion Izagirre Insausti was going to aquaplane off the road as […]

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Brief Encounter

  Nūlla umquam dē morte hominis cūnctātio longa est JUVENAL vi.221 When a human life is at stake, no delay is ever excessive   1 Waindale Close Mount Talbot Halifax Yorkshire   “Dear friends, There as promised are the shots I took on the Clifden Cycling Club’s Sunday run. I enjoyed your company very much […]

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